14k White Gold Circle Map Bracelet
  • Style:MAPB004WG
  • Starting Price:$795

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The place you remember can be wrapped around your wrist for you to recall anytime you'd like. From the tallest mountain to the deepest sea, our maps have the address ready for you to mark on the map with a diamond.

This White Gold bracelet holds a perfect circle for you to engrave with the map of your choosing. The engraving is etched deeply into the circular surface so that it will stand up to your daily life. You choose the size of the map and the position on the map of a single diamond that will acknowledge the moment you remember.

Each memory lives on in your mind, now you can choose one to wear around your wrist. A wearable map to catch your gaze throughout the day is available in White Gold. Type the address of the place you remember and choose an area as wide as a continent or as small as a street. Your map is made just for you and customized to the specifications you choose. After all, the bracelet is just like your memory, uniquely yours.

Your new White Gold bracelet has quality and longevity in mind. From the moment the bracelet's circular pendant is made, our craftsmen are preparing it for the deep engraving of your chosen map. Once the map is etched perfectly from edge to edge of the circle, one of our expert jewelers sets the diamond detail by hand in the location you've chosen. The chain of the bracelet is attached with a 2" extender to give further flexibility. From the beginning to the end, we are making your White Gold bracelet to spend a lifetime with you.

The moment you remember may have happened last week or last century, it's your moment. Remember it everyday by glancing at the White Gold bracelet on your wrist.

Details & Dimensions:
14k White Gold Circle Map Bracelet
Minimum diamond total weight 0.004 ct
15.0mm diameter 
Chain 5" with 2" extender

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