To ensure that you are purchasing an authentic A.JAFFE ring, you should only purchase from any of our authorized A.JAFFE retail partners. You can find an authorized A.JAFFE retail partner near you on www.ajaffe.com/store-locator.



A.JAFFE engagement rings and wedding bands are not available for purchase through www.ajaffe.com. All A.JAFFE bridal jewelry is sold exclusively through selected authorized Retail Partners that can be found on our website at www.ajaffe.com/store-locator.



A.JAFFE designs are available in your choice of Platinum, 18K and 14K White, Yellow and Rose Gold. You can customize your design and combine different metals into one ring.



A.JAFFE's commitment to excellence and superior quality means that we offer VS melee stones in our rings. VS quality melee is some of the highest quality in the industry which brings superior brilliance to the A.JAFFE engagement ring setting, and sets A.JAFFE apart from other engagement ring brands. To learn more about A.JAFFE quality, click here



Almost all A.JAFFE rings are sold as semi-mounts, which means that the ring will come with all the smaller accent diamonds and gemstones already set except for the center stone. A.JAFFE manufactures all rings according to the size and shape of the stone you choose, so the choice of shape and size is up to you. Any of A.JAFFE’s authorized retail partners will be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect center stone for your A.JAFFE engagement ring.



A.JAFFE makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of pricing shown on www.ajaffe.com, but due to various customizations such as finger size, center stone shape/size, modifications and metal/diamond selection, there may be some variations. A.JAFFE reserves the right to modify prices at any time, without any written notice or other notification.



The www.ajaffe.com website contains images of the largest selection of A.JAFFE styles. That said, not every item is featured.



Because of A.JAFFE’s superior manufacturing process, laborious diamond selection and 9 quality steps, delivery can range from 4-6 weeks. If you really need your ring sooner, please request it from your authorized retailer so we can make it happen.



All A.JAFFE diamonds are hand-selected and precisely calibrated to insure the setting precision and the perfect scintillation of every ring. Our intensive process goes well beyond consideration of the 4C’s, demanding the presence of perpetual fire within each stone and bringing the completed ring to dazzling life; thus, a very small percentage of diamonds qualify to be set in an A.JAFFE ring. The difference is evident to the naked eye. Furthermore, A.JAFFE is one of the very few designer brands out there that is RJC compliant. That means we test every single diamond, no matter the size, under a synthetic detection machine to ensure only natural diamonds are selected.