Wedding Gift Etiquette

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“A gift, with a kind countenance, is a double present….” -Thomas Fuller

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Have you ever stressed yourself out about buying the perfect wedding gift? Contemplating between cash or a gift, something personal or something from the bride and groom’s registry, or how much should you spend. If you’ve ever found yourself in this wedding gift war, we at A. JAFFE have compiled a list for the ultimate wedding gift guide, to help you feel confident and comfortable about your wedding gift choice.

First and foremost decide on a budget. There are general rules when it comes how much you should spend on a wedding gift, but if you can’t afford that, it really doesn’t matter. You don’t want to go bankrupt over a wedding. The bride and groom are really looking to celebrate their new life together, rather than get an elaborate gift from you.  While it is proper etiquette to give a wedding gift, don’t kill yourself over it.

When deciding on a budget it is important to consider all the events and gatherings that come along with a wedding. Each event has a price. And it is good practice to bring a little something to each one. After you’ve decided on a budget, here is how you should consider spending the money:

•    20% on the engagement party
•    20% on the bridal shower
•    60% on the wedding

If the bride and groom have a registry, stick to it. They made the registry for a reason. Pick something off the registry that is within your budget. Even if it seems like a small gift, it’s something the newlyweds want so you can’t go wrong. If you want to get a larger gift, team up with a few friends. It’s an excellent option for joint gifts.

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If you can’t decide on a gift from the registry there is nothing wrong with giving cash. The new couple could use the money as they start their new life together. If you can’t attend the wedding and are mailing a cash gift, make sure it’s a check. You don’t’ want the card to get stolen or lost. If you are attending the wedding make sure you place the gift in the appropriate gift spot or put it in the hands of a close relative, such as the bride or groom’s parents. You don’t want the card to be misplaced and you don’t want to bother the happy couple, as they are busy making their rounds to all the wedding guests.

You’ve decided on a cash gift, now the only dilemma is, how much do I give? There are several factors that play a part in how much is the appropriate amount to give as a wedding gift. Some of these factors include: wedding location, the couples age, your budget, etc. For example, if it’s a destination wedding, the bride and groom will understand if you spend less on their wedding gift, since you are spending money on airfare, hotels, etc.
Consider your relationship with the bride and groom when deciding on the exact amount to spend.

•    Co-worker or distant family friend: $75 – $100 per person
•    Relative or friend: $100 – $125 per person
•    Close relative or close friend: $100 – $150 per person

At the end of the day, don’t stress out over the perfect wedding gift. You were invited to help create memories not for the gift you give. Remember to set a budget that’s comfortable for you and go from there. Put some thought and care into it and the bride and groom will be more than pleased with their gift.

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We hope these helpful tips will make your decision making a lot easier! To find out more about selecting the perfect gift visit us at for all of your top selections in luxury designer rings and accessories.

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