Vow-Renewal Etiquette

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“Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.”- Voltaire

Renewing your vows is one of the most exciting celebrations for a married couple. Couples choose to renew their vows for a variety of reasons. Many couples often celebrate their anniversary on the fifth, tenth, twentieth, fiftieth and etc. With divorce rates increasing every year, being married for over +5 years is consider a milestone. A vow-renewal ceremony is an important day to rememberyour love and commitment for each other. This is the perfect time to reflect on the blessings and tribulations you have been through together and what to look forward to in your future. So why not celebrate your commitment to each other again?Here are some tips you need to know about vow-renewal etiquette.

Focus on the ceremony
Try not to put all your energy in planning an elaborate ceremonybut instead focus on the vows and what they mean to your marriage.

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Less is more
Vow-renewal ceremonies are usually intimate with close family and friends.

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Avoid a second wedding ceremony
It might be tempting to go over board with creating a memorable ceremony but try to keep it simple. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are not necessary for this special ceremony. Also, it is usually inappropriate to register for gifts since you are not starting your household together.

wedding bandsA vow-renewal ceremony is about you and your partner commitment to each other. You and your partner may have your reasons for renewing your wedding vows. Take the time to think about why renewing your vows is important and how these vows will strengthen your marriage for the future. Remember A.JAFFE has a beautiful collection of luxury anniversary bands for couples celebrating their wedding anniversary.

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