Throwback Thursday: When Planning the Perfect Engagement/Bachelorette Party Remember LMP

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“Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.” -Geoffrey Fisher

This week for Throwback Thursday we are going back to our favorite blog feature. We partnered up with Little Miss Party Planner to create the ultimate guide for planning the perfect engagement/bachelorette party!

If you are looking to celebrate that perfect engagement party or that unforgettable bachelorette party in the greater New York City area then Little Miss Party Planner is the perfect solution for you. Little Miss Party Planner has been planning big events for small places for the past two years. Their party planning services stretch from Manhattan to Long Island to all the surrounding areas.

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Seri Kertzner and Michelle Cassera Bachman are the two masterminds behind Little Miss Party Planner. It all started when Seri was planning her wedding. She had so much fun doing it and wanted to make a business out of it. She practiced her party planning skills in her one bedroom apartment on family and friends. Finally, Seri teamed up with Michelle and that’s when Little Miss Party Planner became a reality, the summer of 2011. The two love being creative when it comes to party planning. They both come up with unique themes, color stories, and ideas for adding special touches to the events. Seri and Michelle shared a passion for partying and knowledge for fashion, which allowed them to offer the perfect entertaining solutions to fit everyone’s needs. Little Miss Party Planner has given us, at A. JAFFE, some great answers to common questions most woman have about planning the perfect engagement/bachelorette party.

Q: Where are some great places for an engagement/bachelorette party?

A: There are so many fabulous spots in NYC for the perfect party. Little Miss Party Planner has their very own venue scout to help their clients connect the spot.

Q: What is important to consider when planning an engagement/bachelorette party?

A: When planning a party, Little Miss Party Planner says you should consider your guest count, budget and theme for the party.

Q: What are some popular and successful themes for an engagement/bachelorette party?

A: Some great themes include: Spa parties, Tea party, and Camp & Champagne bar. Little Miss Party Planner aims to create parties that are unique, special, and most importantly fun.

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Q: What are practical, cute, and affordable party favors:

A: LMP Loves putting together gift boxes or favor bags. A Fun example is a polka dot gable box filled with spa goodies such as flip flops, personalized nail polish from Pretty Please nails, travel size hair spray and make up wipes and a mini tube of sun block. Another fun idea is to make up a bag of ingredients to roast smore’s with. Add a personalized hangtag tied with some pretty string and there you go!

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Q: What services does Little Miss Party Planner provide?

A: Little Miss Party Planner does it all. They provide the food, drinks, desserts, and decorations. Little Miss Party Planner gives their clients unlimited access to all the help they will need. They provide a full proposal for the party, a breakdown of the cost, menu options, decoration ideas, and an inspiration board to give them a visual idea of their party.

So when it comes to throwing engagement/bachelorette parties why not skip the fuss and choose Little Miss Party Planner. They will take care of all your needs and make sure it is a party that you will never forget. Little Miss Party Planner guarantees everlasting entertainment, which all guests will enjoy. Your engagement/bachelorette party will be the talk of the town. All you need to do is get dressed, put on your A JAFFE designer engagement ring and luxury accessories and show up to the party. Sit back and relax, Little Miss Party Planner will take care of the rest. Cheers!

Visit for more information on planning the perfect party.

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