Fashion Friday: Spotlight on Nina Garcia

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“My advice to people who want to get into fashion is this: Get into fashion, follow your dreams. If you really are very passionate about it, you’re going to find a way to do it. Meet and network with as many people as you can, make phone calls, knock on doors, don’t give up. Do the internships, be informed, learn as much as you can about what you’re passionate about. Look around you, because fashion is influenced by so many other things — art, movies, literature. Especially for people who want to be designers — be informed, soak it all in, go to museums, and again, be an intern, network, and don’t give up. You have to be very tenacious to make it in this industry.” –Nina Garcia

What is fashion? Nowadays anything new and fresh created becomes a trend and we call it fashion. Popular to contrary belief trends influence our day-to-day lives. Wearing the latest and getting things in style is key to being considered fashionable. Fashion can be seen not just in clothing but in Jewelery. A. JAFFE recognizes the importance of fashion, style and design. Not only is this seen throughout our four collections, but on some of our favorite celebrities.

Today we celebrate one of those celebrities, and congratulate one of Fashion’s icons the lovely, Nina Garcia. Nina Garcia celebrated five years yesterday, March 6, 2014 as Creative Director of Marie Claire magazine. Nina Garcia, award-winning author of four books, mom to two boys, is seen wearing one of A. JAFFE’s popular anniversary bands: WRS0833. This fashionable band is great for stacking and it’s unique enough to be worn alone. Thank you Nina for showing us how to stay fashionable, trendy and in style wearing A. JAFFE.

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Nina Garcia

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