How do you know if she is the one?

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We typically assume that marriage is the last stop on the male brain train. I mean, is any man truly ‘on board’ this ride; and if so at what point does he realize she’s the One? Just as women have created their list of standards for, not only dating the right guy, but also recognizing when they have found their prince charming, do our better halves share this tactical trait or live by a ‘go-with-the-flow’ code?

As a woman who has been blessed with an entire brood of males in my very own immediate family, I can vouch for the major points we know to be true when recognizing THE ONE.

1. She gets along with your friends – it’s tough to find a woman who not only accepts your quirkiness, but also, embraces the package deal that is your bromance. If she can handle her own among your circle of friends, she’s a keeper!

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She gets along with your friends

2. You trust her completely – Its 3am and you haven’t heard back from her last text that she was meeting up with her hometown buddy Joe. It’s cool. You’re confident she ranted and raved about how she is madly in love with you, and you can’t wait to get the details over breakfast with her and the infamous Joe.

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You trust her completely

3. Your family likes her more than they like you – Whoa, hold the phone … the annual Christmas party is where? And at what time? She is the “go-to” person for details on YOUR family’s next meetup. You don’t really know when this happened, but you’re just happy you can go halfsies on Christmas gifts this year – Score!

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Your family likes her more than they like you

4. She is just as chemically imbalanced as you are – Your manly-man persona can only get you so far. You soon find yourself competing who can burp the loudest, rave the hardest, and actually survive a spoonful of gourmet insanity hot sauce without shedding a tear. Alas, when all is said and done, you are in awe of her mind-blowing victory, and feel proud to be her boyfriend.

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She is just as chemically imbalanced as you are

5. She calls you cuddly bear – and you love it! – In fact, you find it offensive and out of the ordinary when she addresses you by your actual name. Your “Shawn!? Who in the world is that? The name is cuddly bear, and don’t you forget it!” You also like the fact that she will never be obnoxiously sappy in front of your friends because she doesn’t want anyone to make fun of her cuddly bear, and for that simple fact, you gotta put a ring on it!

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cuddly bear

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