A. Jaffe Engagement Rings for Every Era

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Since 1892, A. Jaffe engagement rings have taken the lead as some of the most distinguished fine jewels and engagement rings in New York City. With a massive range of design from all different eras, each collection is made of unique settings, luxurious cuts, and feminine motifs that any future bride would brag to all her girlfriends about. The Seasons of Love collection is one of our favorites; each engagement ring represents the personal freedom and expression reminiscent of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. And each unique ring represents more than just romance—they represent individual style, too.

Ajaffe Engagement RingsStyle Id : ME1629 & ME1622

MES564_CStyle Id : MES564 : There’s something really creative about a flower-shaped setting. Bet you don’t see this often.

MES045_CStyle Id :  MES045
ajaffe enagement ringStyle Id : ME1629 : Of them all, this is by far my favorite. So adorable!!!


Ajaffe Diamond JewelryStyle Id : MF1003 : At first, I didn’t even notice the cute little pink heart-shaped diamond in the center. Surely this is a popular style.
engagement ringsStyle Id  :  ME1647
diamond engagement ringStyle Id : ME1751


designer engagement ringsStyle Id: ME1622

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