5 Ways to Be the Best Maid/Matron of Honor Ever

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“We Can Do No Great Things, Only Small Things with Great Love” – Mother Theresa

You knew it was coming.  Your bestie just got engaged to her college boyfriend.  You could tell by her excited tone of voice when she called you at midnight last night to make last minute lunch plans for this afternoon, that she had big news.  Not surprisingly, after explaining all of the details of the proposal, she asked you to be her maid of honor. You immediately feel flattered that she chose you to be the third most important person at the wedding after her and the groom, but you also feel nervous and anxious because you know that you are responsible for providing your bff with her dream wedding.  Sure this is a big financial and personal responsibility, but it can also be extremely rewarding and will be a great experience for both you and the bride.  In addition to scoring you major brownie points with your bestie, being the MOH can help you plan your own wedding if you are not already married.

The engagement process is a stressful, yet fun time in the lives of everyone involved.  There is just so much planning to do and so little time.  There are speeches to write, flowers to order, hair and makeup appointments to book, and wedding cakes to taste.  As the second most important woman at the wedding, you are responsible for making sure the bride is happy at all times and all bridesmaids are up on their tasks.  You are responsible for taking the initiative to plan engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties all while adhering to the desires of the bride and making sure that every party fits her style.

Maids of honor typically finance all of their expenses during the engagement and also pick up the tab for many of the bride’s expenses.  If you plan your best friend’s wedding with love and care she will thank you and have a newfound respect for you.  You will grow closer throughout this process and learn things about her that you never knew before.  Don’t let your stress about being the MOH outweigh the fun you should be having.  Enjoy this special time in your life.  Remember that not everything will be perfect and that you can’t plan everything.  Unexpected situations will come up that will be difficult but you should be able to handle them.  To help you out A.JAFFE has compiled a list of the 5 ways to be the best maid of honor ever!

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1.    Enjoy this time in your life.  Yes, being the maid of honor can be very time consuming, stressful, and even scary at times, but remember the bride chose you for a reason.  She knew that she could trust you to handle the responsibilities that come with being the MOH and views you as a very special person in her life.  Keep Calm and Plan On!

1.)    Don’t cheap out.  Although being the MOH can be a huge financial responsibility, there are ways to be a great maid of honor on a budget.  Before you even accept your role as MOH, let the bride know that your resources are limited.  To find less expensive bridesmaids dresses, suggest that bridesmaids all purchase unique dresses in styles that coordinate well together, or wear dresses that they already own.  This gives each bridesmaid the opportunity to purchase or wear a dress that fits her budget, and lets you off the hook for buying a dress that you can’t afford.  Carefully plan every pre-wedding party with the bride and let her know that you would prefer less expensive options.  Offer to host the shower at your house or if this isn’t feasible, suggest someone else’s house that is large enough to accommodate all guests.  Instead of purchasing all wedding and party décor, make some or all of it yourself.  Check out websites like Pinterest which will give you detailed craft ideas for a unique, yet beautiful wedding.  If you know that the bride wants to have a large, expensive wedding that you cannot afford to be a part of, respectfully decline her invitation.  It is important to be honest with the bride about your financial situation and let her know that you are not able to be the maid of honor that she wants you to be.  Remember your biggest responsibility as the maid of honor is supporting the bride at all time and being available when she needs you, not providing her with the most expensive wedding in history.

2.)    Pay attention to detail.  Listen carefully to what the bride wants.  If she is a bridezilla try to keep her calm and remind her that she should be happy and enjoy this time in her life.  Remember that this is her special day and not yours and that you should try as hard as possible to help make her wedding day everything that she wants it to be.

3.)    Schedule a set time into each day to work on your MOH responsibilities.  Sure life can get hectic between work, family commitments, and trying to hold onto your social life, but realize that your MOH duties should be a priority at this time.   Set aside a time at night after you get home from work to make phone calls, do internet research, and make plans.  Set out to accomplish the most difficult tasks first so that you are not overwhelmed by the time it gets closer to the wedding.

4.)    Keep an open line of communication with the groom and bridesmaids.  You might want to spend all of your time catering to the bride but remember there are other people involved in this wedding.  Be attendant to all wedding and pre-wedding party guests and make sure that they are content.  Unfortunately it is not unheard of to have a bridesmaid who completely flakes out at the last minute and abandons her responsibilities.  Make sure all bridesmaids are doing their part to make this wedding a success and check in with the groom every now and then to make sure that he isn’t being forgotten about.  It is his special day too after all.

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