4 Tips to Secretly Finding out Your Fiancé’s Ring Size

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“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” – William Shakespeare

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You’ve found the love of your life, planned a romantic wedding proposal—and you even chose the perfect designer engagement ring. The only dilemma is you don’t know your fiancé’s ring size. You want the proposal to be a surprise, so what should you do? A. JAFFE has a few tips to help you accurately determine her ring size.

1. Pretend to Buy a Ring for Someone Else
This might be a huge giveaway but tell her you need help buying a gift for your mom or sister, and you’re looking to buy a ring. Maybe this will help to bring up her ring size in conversation.

2. Investigate Her Jewelry Box
When your fiancé is not around, open up her jewelry box and investigate. It’s not good to be snooping but this is an exception to make her wedding proposal extra special with that perfect designer ring. If possible try and get one of her rings. Make sure you take a ring that she normally wears on her left hand to get an accurate measurement. You’re probably thinking what good will this do for me?

Here are a few options to help figure out the ring size now that you have her ring:

*  If you are able to borrow her ring for a little, take it to one of our retailers to help  determine the ring size.
*  Trace the outline of her ring on paper and bring it to one of our retailers to help determine the ring size.
*  Press the ring into a bar of soap to leave an impression. Then bring it to one of our retailers to determine help the ring size.
*  Put the ring on your finger and make a mark at the point where it stops. Then bring it to one of our retailers to help determine the ring size

3. Find an Ally

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At this point in your relationship, I’m sure your fiancé is beginning to suspect a proposal in the near future. As a result she has probably dropped hints to her friends or relatives. Most likely she wants to help make that process easier for you. If she hasn’t gossiped to anyone yet, it is very likely that a friend or relative has bought her a ring in the past and knows her ring size. If this is not the case, have her mom or friends take her window-shopping for designer engagement rings. It will be a fun filled day for your loved one.

4. Size Up

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When in doubt, size up. It is always easier to take metal away from your engagement ring rather than trying to add some. A. JAFFE retailers will be more than happy to help resize your ring and give advice on which designer engagement rings are easier to resize. A. JAFFE’s Euro Shank and Classic Round Shank helps to bring balance and comfort to the engagement ring, which will make a better overall fit. Just keep in mind it becomes difficult to resize thinner bands and bands covered in diamonds.

A wedding proposal creates a story that she’ll treasure forever. Why not have the perfect engagement ring that fits to go along with it. A. JAFFE specializes in luxury designer engagement rings. Our rings are made with quality craftsmanship. We promise it will take her breath away.

To find out more about A. JAFFE engagement rings and designer diamond rings visit us at: www.ajaffe.com.

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