2014 Wedding Trends

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“New year, new you!” – Unknown

2014 has just begun, ushering in a brand new wedding season. Each year new and exciting trends pop up, making your wedding day truly spectacular. Weddings are going softer, sweeter, lusher and more heartfelt this year. To help educate you on the top new trends, we at A. JAFFE created a list of what to expect for the 2014 wedding season.

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1. Pink is making a comeback- There are so many ways to incorporate pink into your wedding color scheme, from the flowers to the bridesmaids’ dresses. Just remember to choose a soft baby pink.

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2. Flower of the year: tree peony- Can’t decide on your favorite flower to use in your bouquet or centerpieces? If this is the case, pick the tree peony. It is a beautiful and classic flower. The sweet smelling garden rose will add a soft fragrance to the ceremony or reception.

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3. Flower garland everywhere- Flower garlands add a pop of color and aroma to your wedding day. This year they are bigger than ever. Add them to doorways, bars, tables, etc.

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4. The look of the Great Gatsby-Think old Hollywood. White gloves, black coats, top hats etc.

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5. Let your cake shine- This year it’s your chance to shine! Try using a fairy dusting of very fine glitter on the each tier.

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6. Wedding cake flavor by season- The flavor of your wedding cake should correlate to the season. Think lemon flavors for the summer and mocha flavors for the winter.

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7. Family style food platters- Why we love to be waited on, family style serving allow guests to interact with each other.

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8. Year to get spicy- Go big or go home. Serve dishes that feature different spices from all over the world.

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9. “Pillow Presents” are the new wedding favors- Instead of giving out favors at the wedding; bring the favors to the hotel. Now guest will have a sweet surprise for when they return to their room. Leave cookies, scones, chocolates, or muffins on their pillows and they will be very delighted.

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When planning a wedding this year, look to these hottest trends to make your special day the best day ever. Get creative and be bold! It’s your day, so make it your own.

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